27 Apr 2012

Jump for joy!

Hurrah! A new dance term and a routine that we love - a gloriously cheeky little number with some sassy moves.

What's more, the introduction of our hand-crafted black and silver canes into the routine has been handled with panache. No inadvertent black eyes; no bishing of showgirls; no visits to A&E - a positive triumph!

As well as all this, we have some new joiners who are right up our street and who are having a ball.

Add to that a night out tomorrow to see a burlesque show, and it's been a superb start to the term.

Yours,  quivering in audience anticipation,

Burlicious x

14 Apr 2012

Aye-aye, Sir!

New boas ordered and received? Check

A pile of evening gloves freshly laundered? Check

Charity shops scoured for walking canes to use as props? Check

New dance routine polished until it glistens? Check

Showgirls into corsets, please, and prepare to take off for a whole new new term!


Burlicious x




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