25 Sept 2014


We're still smiling after last night's hoot of a class. We launched our tongue-in-cheek, camped up little number to that Chicago cracker, "When you're good to Mama".

What a tonic!

Twenty showgirls gliding randomly across the room, boa outstretched, gaze fixed firmly on our imaginary audience, and trying avoid being on a collision course with any showgirl sweeping in majestically from the opposite corner.

The gorgeous, cheeky thing that is our flip up of a gathered boa over the derriere.

The leaning over bum wiggle, boa outstretched helpfully under the cheeks to hide any unwanted flapping about of the inner thighs, and the cries from those showgirls who are blessed with a gorgeously curvy bum of: "I need a MUCH bigger boa!"

Hilarious, uplifting, positive... and it already looks beautiful, even with the roars of laughter, the hiccups, and the on cue sneezing.

Just wait until we get to the bit where we need our troupe to line up perfectly, hands on the bum of the showgirl in front! It'll be the funniest, featheriest, cheekiest car crash that anyone has ever seen!

Yours, fluffed up with pleasure at the thought,

Burlicious x

21 Sept 2014

Just time for a quickie

Right, you gorgeous things, this is to remind you that we launch our brand new routine in class this Wednesday. Hurrah!

Bring your sass and your best "camp it up" style, my loves - this little gem is pert and fun!

And those of you who are teetering on the brink of joining, now is the time to take get off that fence and to jump down into the playground with us - there's never a better time to join than when the routine is new to everybody and nobody (including us, sometimes) knows what she is doing.

See you soon, showgirls!

Yours, pondering outfits even as we type,

Burlicious x

11 Sept 2014

A Royal Perfomance

It has been a week full of pleasures.

Off we went on Sunday to the King's Hall wedding fair, plying our wares as mistresses of the hen party.

Darlings, it's a long day to be looking gorgeous in heels, we can tell you. However, we offer our patent tip for getting the blood flowing through the legs and feet again - an impromptu performance to the people in the bar of the feisty "Lady Marmalade". And it wasn't just us who were perked up by that little number, we're pleased to report.

Then last night we had the delight of new ladies coming to class. Some joined in straight away and others watched with barely-suppressed excitement. We love it when new women come along who give every indication of enjoying this stuff as much as we do. We'll see you again soon, my lovelies, for the launch of our new routine!

Finally, this afternoon will see us putting the last touches to our new creation, before we show it to our lovely showgirls on 24th September. We've put in some moves that make us laugh out loud with pleasure. It's a bumptious, tongue in cheek, "nudge, nudge, wink, wink" of a routine - just the thing to give a little lift to the week as the nights start drawing in.

Yours, properly chuffed with ourselves,

Burlicious x

4 Sept 2014

Back in harness

... like the high-stepping, thoroughbred fillies that we are. Yes, it's showgirl season again, and about flippin' time too!

Ah, the cosy familiarity of our bijou, battered little hall.

Oh, the delight of having our showgirls return to us, all ready for a bit of Burlicious.

Eee, the magic of (very nearly, in my case) remembering the routine and sliding seamlessly back into step.

And, oh yes, the sweaty, sticky, feather-adhering reality of dancing a rather lively routine in a beautifully-upholstered corset. Even the Sparkly Bra Pixie in her few wisps of baby doll chiffon was positively agleam.

At this rate, we'll need to lay on champagne on tap just to be able to rehydrate ourselves to a safe minimum. Fizz fountain, anyone?

Yours, loving being back with our gorgeous troupe,

Burlicious x




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