25 Sept 2014


We're still smiling after last night's hoot of a class. We launched our tongue-in-cheek, camped up little number to that Chicago cracker, "When you're good to Mama".

What a tonic!

Twenty showgirls gliding randomly across the room, boa outstretched, gaze fixed firmly on our imaginary audience, and trying avoid being on a collision course with any showgirl sweeping in majestically from the opposite corner.

The gorgeous, cheeky thing that is our flip up of a gathered boa over the derriere.

The leaning over bum wiggle, boa outstretched helpfully under the cheeks to hide any unwanted flapping about of the inner thighs, and the cries from those showgirls who are blessed with a gorgeously curvy bum of: "I need a MUCH bigger boa!"

Hilarious, uplifting, positive... and it already looks beautiful, even with the roars of laughter, the hiccups, and the on cue sneezing.

Just wait until we get to the bit where we need our troupe to line up perfectly, hands on the bum of the showgirl in front! It'll be the funniest, featheriest, cheekiest car crash that anyone has ever seen!

Yours, fluffed up with pleasure at the thought,

Burlicious x

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