4 Sept 2014

Back in harness

... like the high-stepping, thoroughbred fillies that we are. Yes, it's showgirl season again, and about flippin' time too!

Ah, the cosy familiarity of our bijou, battered little hall.

Oh, the delight of having our showgirls return to us, all ready for a bit of Burlicious.

Eee, the magic of (very nearly, in my case) remembering the routine and sliding seamlessly back into step.

And, oh yes, the sweaty, sticky, feather-adhering reality of dancing a rather lively routine in a beautifully-upholstered corset. Even the Sparkly Bra Pixie in her few wisps of baby doll chiffon was positively agleam.

At this rate, we'll need to lay on champagne on tap just to be able to rehydrate ourselves to a safe minimum. Fizz fountain, anyone?

Yours, loving being back with our gorgeous troupe,

Burlicious x

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