26 Feb 2015

A surprise threesome

Class began last night with the beautiful gift of a bouquet of flowers for each of the three of us from our gorgeous showgirls.  Created in the colour schemes that we had chosen for our Valentine's Night performance and fluffed up with feathers, they were a "thank you" from our lovelies for getting them ready for the show. As my other half commented when I brought mine proudly home: "How nice that your torture victims thank you afterwards". What can he mean?!

More seriously, our big reward comes when the showgirls who dance with us tell us that they loved it; or that they're incredulous that they actually did it; or that they're seriously chuffed with themselves for doing it; or that they feel so much more confident about themselves since coming to our class. All of that is bloomin' marvellous.

On top of our floral delights, we had some lovely new joiners last night and the return of some great old friends. What could be better? We were a positive battalion of beauties as we "slide bobbed" and "Wonder Woman'd" our way across the hall floor muttering "five, six, seven, EIGHT".

It's good to be back!

Yours, loving our troupe,

Burlicious x

16 Feb 2015

Scenes from behind the dressing room door

One of the best bits about our public performances is the dressing room camaraderie that precedes them.

No, we never have quite enough space. No, it's never as glamorous or as well-appointed as we would like. But, yes, it is always, always, great fun.

Behind the scenes on Saturday we had competing bids to decide who had the most secure pants; countless changes of outfit strewn all over the place (as a troupe, we do not in any way travel light - some of us had several pairs of knickers and tights each, just in case); our MC for the night having the hem of his trouser leg rescued with masking tape; eyelash applicators; drinks; shimmery body dust galore;precautionary t*t jiggling to test the hold of various corsets; more drinks; hairdressing; label-checking; a couple more drinks; and an awful lot of barely muffled laughter.

We love this Burlicious stuff so much that we can't see us ever giving it up. We mused the future possibility of launching a sister troupe as we age and calling it Saga-licious. It immediately occurred to us that this might be mispronounced Sag-alicious, and that that might detract somewhat from our mission to improve body confidence.

Mind you, we bet that we could rock a zimmer frame as a stage prop.

Yours, all revved up and raring to go for our new term, starting Weds 25th Feb. You know you want to be there!

Burlicious x

12 Feb 2015

Hot to trot

Last night was our final rehearsal for the Valentine's Night show that we're dancing in. As a change of role, we Burlicious three installed ourselves as the audience, whooping, catcalling and generally behaving as if we had been propping up the bar for far too long. It was all very enjoyable.

Our showgirls trotted, shimmied and quickied regardless, wreathed in smiles and looking fabulous. Gloves were flung; boas were fluffed; and bazooms were jiggled gorgeously. They looked amazing.

Today, clad as I was in my huge shapeless cardigan and my spotty slippers, was less glamorous as I played Mrs Mop, rinsing out my corsets; mending my evening gloves; and gathering up necessary accessories for the night.

I do love the juxtaposition between the different parts of my life!

Showgirls - what can we say? You're ready. Now go out there and enjoy yourselves!

And for those of you who want to come back to class or who want to join us for the first time, remember that there's no class next week. Gorgeousness returns on Weds 25th Feb, and we'll start with a demure little number, teaching it from scratch.

Yours, impatient to tread those boards,

Burlicious x




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