28 Sept 2012

The beauty of individuality

Our dance class is a place where every woman expresses her gorgeousness in her own unique way.

We're not the Folies Bergere, chosen for our conformity to strict body shape criteria.

Nor are we dressed by one wardrobe mistress in line with a clear, unifying theme. 

Each woman arrives at class wearing exactly what she fancies wearing that week.  And each woman brings her own personal sparkle and style to the dance moves that make up our routines.

Watching 15 women dance the same moves, to the same time, in subtly different ways is a privileged insight into how many, many different ways we have of being beautiful and lovely, despite what the fashion industry might try to tell us.

I declare, watching our girls dance is as uplifting as some of our bras!

6 Sept 2012

Recipe for gorgeousness

Take a scruffy hall with municipal plastic chairs.

Add a bevy of beautiful burlesque dancers, back from the summer break and raring to go.

Sprinkle lavishly with satins and sequins, high heels and long gloves, glamorous corsets, cheeky little shorts and perky pants.

Stir with a slow, smoky, slinky new showgirl routine laced with tango moves.

Heat carefully.

Result: Hot women, cool dance, smouldering looks and plenty of giggles about the "t*ts" prompt!




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