21 May 2015

Only on the third date

Our current routine is unusual for us in that it requires us to dance very closely with each other - sometimes face cheek resting on forearm resting on bum cheek of another showgirl; other times three showgirls abreast, arms entwined and thighs touching for a slow, coordinated, deliberate grind of the hips. Practising this last night, one trio of showgirls remarked that, normally, there wouldn't be this much bodily contact until at least the third or fourth date.

That could well be true (we couldn't possibly comment). Mind you, there probably wouldn't be this many belly laughs either, at least, not without a lot more alcohol.

We know that we keep going on about this, but there's no denying that our Wednesday night class is an absolute tonic. It never fails to put a smile on our face and a lift in our step.

And that's despite me being swatted in the gusset by the Sparkly Bra Pixie's plaited pigtail last night.

Not a lot of people can say that.

Yours, ready for more after half term,

Burlicious x

14 May 2015

These are a few of our favourite things

Our showgirls are all different shapes and sizes. And they all look bloomin' lovely. Tall ones, short ones, curvy ones, slender ones, blondes, brunettes and redheads - dress 'em up in their Wednesday finest and every one of them is an absolute treat to behold. Put them together in a troupe and they look fantastic.

Our showgirls are game for a laugh. They'll tackle any move that we throw at them, pumping the air with clenched fist in triumph when they get it right and giggling like loons when they don't. It's a positive tonic spending an hour with them as they learn a routine.

Our showgirls are nice to each other. B*llocks [technical dancing term] to all this tosh that women have to be bitchy and competitive with each other. Our lovelies help each other to get moves right; notice new outfits; compliment each other; swap clothes with each other; and help to make our rare nights out together a really great time.

Our showgirls allow us to make a complete pig's ear of it at least once a class, whether it's a costume malfunction or a sudden attack of amnesia about what comes next.

Yeah, apart from all that, we're not sure why we bother with 'em. ;-)

Yours, in with a good crowd,

Burlicious x




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