26 Jan 2017

More than the sum of our parts

Twelve showgirls, with pinpoint accuracy, each hold out their full length boa in an outstretched arm and then - as one - they drop it.

Twelve rivers of feathered colour fall to the floor simultaneously.

A few beats later, and twelve gorgeous behinds go right, left, right, left in perfect synchrony.

If we throw modesty to one side for the minute, it's fair to say that we Burlicious Three are pretty good at what we do. However, multiply that fourfold so that the same moves are performed by the whole troupe, and what we have created becomes magical. One of the greatest joys of running our class is the opportunity to step back sometimes and watch the whole troupe doing something with precision timing. It's beautiful.

Now, if we can just mistress that boa routine without strangling ourselves, that will look gorgeous too!

Yours, enjoying female beauty in motion,

Burlicious x

20 Jan 2017

Stern task mistresses

Dahlings, dahlings, another beautiful routine canters to a triumphant close. This week we tackled the floor routine in Big Bad Handsome Man. What a hoot!

Hip sways, crawling, the flat-on-the-back "dead doll" pose, and then a fluid ascent from that into the seated final pose.

Of course, while the showgirls are flat on their back, they can't see any of we Burlicious Three to follow. This means that instructions need to be bellowed: " leg IN, UP, lower and SIT!", we shout.

As we scrambled back up to our feet after the first run through, one of our showgirls asked disbelievingly: "was there a SIT! in there?"

It's true that this was perhaps a little bit more Barbara Woodhouse and her dog training school than it was Les Folies Bergeres. Still, it got the job done.
Next week, my lovelies, we shall start teaching the next routine. We'll be smouldering about to a bit of Nasty Naughty Boy - a tried and tested crowd pleaser.

Yours, upping the sultriness count,

Burlicious x

12 Jan 2017

Kneel down and see our etchings

At class last night we were looking for an alternative way to explain a foundation move - the grind. It's a gentle raunch of a thing, made by taking the legs apart a tad, bending the knees slightly (and we mean "slightly" so as to avoid the whole bandy-legged cowboy look), and taking the hips round and round in a smooth circle - side forward side back, side forward side back and so on.

"Well," says the Sparkly Bra Pixie, "think of it as if someone had stuck a pencil up your *^$!*, and you were drawing circles on the floor."

Various showgirls were giggling at the idea of doing just that and then going home to their other half to demonstrate what they had learnt that evening.

"Come here, and watch me write to you," one suggested saying to her partner.

"Ah," we said, " but what you'll write will just be "ooooooo"."

Which actually, we all agreed, would be appropriate.

We're going to need some very long pencils :-)

Yours, enhancing skills wherever we go,

Burlicious x

5 Jan 2017

Welcome back to the beautiful bazooom of Burlicious

Yes, we're back. And, as promised, we have a simple little bounce of a routine to smooth us back into our weekly class. It's a jaunt of a thing - all perky and tail-swishy - and it has always made us smile.

Yes, some items of clothing may have become a little bit more snug during our Christmas absence.

And, yes, the thought of taking off our woolly jumpers at the start of class and skipping about in our fripperies may be a bit less enticing than it was in the sultry summer evenings.

But, oh, it's nice to be back with our lovely showgirls, a boa-twirling daftness of a routine, and the chance to dress up and act up.

Yours, twirling those boas like old hands,

Burlicious x




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