5 Jan 2017

Welcome back to the beautiful bazooom of Burlicious

Yes, we're back. And, as promised, we have a simple little bounce of a routine to smooth us back into our weekly class. It's a jaunt of a thing - all perky and tail-swishy - and it has always made us smile.

Yes, some items of clothing may have become a little bit more snug during our Christmas absence.

And, yes, the thought of taking off our woolly jumpers at the start of class and skipping about in our fripperies may be a bit less enticing than it was in the sultry summer evenings.

But, oh, it's nice to be back with our lovely showgirls, a boa-twirling daftness of a routine, and the chance to dress up and act up.

Yours, twirling those boas like old hands,

Burlicious x

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