What do we do?

We run a dance class for any woman over 18 who fancies coming along and learning a showgirl-style dance routine. We keep the class size small so that you don’t feel lost in a sea of unfamiliar faces.

Now, let’s be clear. We wear burlesque-inspired outfits. We design gorgeous, feminine and sexy dance routines.

We don’t strip.


The most you’ll ever take off as part of a dance routine is your boa and your evening gloves. Have a look at the video of us performing at a charity fundraiser so you can see the sort of thing we do.

Best of all, we have a laugh.

Yes, it’s brilliant when we reach the stage when we all know a dance routine and we dance it perfectly together. But there’s no pressure to get there. The most important thing is that every woman who comes to class feels comfortable and has a good time. And there’s usually as much fun to be had in the process of learning the steps as there is in finally getting them right!


  1. Fantastic site ladies, loving your work, very inspiring!

  2. How lovely of you to say so - thank you.

    I must say, throwing modesty entirely to one side, we're chuffed to bits with it too!

    Burlicious x

  3. I watched the video 3 times, it was magic. If I was 30 years younger i'd be tempted to try it myself. Ex-pat in France (the young lady in the back row knows who!)

  4. Love it, Sandie would be very good at this lol...

  5. Nice to see how unliberated you all are. Our grandmothers would be rolling over in their graves! Well done ladies for putting the clock back a century.

  6. Oh dear, a snide jibe and a (we assume) political comment from Mr/Ms Anonymous on 23rd March.

    We're guessing that you haven't read what we say elsewhere on the site? Women tell us that our classes and shows give them a tremendous confidence boost as well as reminding them that they are people in their own right and not just mother, wife, partner, employee, or whatever else others want them to be.

    We're not sure what you think we need to be liberated from but we're pretty sure that a bit of dancing at a fundraiser for a cancer charity hasn't scooted all women back to the early 1900s.

    In a very small way, we're helping women to feel great about who they are. That's liberating. That's positive. And we love seeing it work.





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