31 Jan 2013

Returning to the mother ship

Showgirls, this is just a quick reminder that we start our normal classes again on Weds 13th Feb. 

For your delight and delectation we'll be launching our brand new routine, and, oh, what a little beauty it is!

Some of you regular showgirls have been lovely enough to steer clear of the chaos of class while we rehearsed for various shows. Thank you! We really look forward to having you gorgeous creatures back with us soon, shimmying your sequins in our delicious new number.

Some of you have been teetering on the brink of joining us, or returning to us, for a little while. You know who you are! Now's the time to do it. Feb 13th is the best chance you will have this side of Easter to come along and learn a routine that is new to the entire class. Feather up and join the fun!

Yours, desperate to show you what we have wrought in the name of beauty,

Burlicious x

24 Jan 2013


A double class last night to put our gorgeous showgirls through their paces for our forthcoming public performances.

We smouldered, we shimmied, we strutted and we sashayed. Boas and gloves went on, off, on, off, on, off like little Christmas lights.

We took those routines at lightning speed, cantering from one to another like the high-stepping thoroughbred fillies that we are.

Even the surprise appearance in our midst of some random geezer off the street partway through Temptation didn't put our glamorous girls off their stride. Just as well, really, because we'll be dancing at our next gig amongst a hall full of people having dinner.

Boa in the dessert, anyone?

Yours, getting ready,

Burlicious x

17 Jan 2013

Dancing upmarket

Last weekend's performance at a private party was not without challenges.

We were ready for the fact that the space was teeny.

We expected that the music quality might prove a challenge...and it certainly did.

We weren't ready for the added difficulty of dancing on good quality carpet and underlay - wow, what a far cry that was from the floors in our usual, less posh venues! When you're mere inches away from the punters, unexpected heel wobbles call for thigh muscles like steel, working at maximum tautness, just to keep yourself from tottering into their arms.

Still, they loved us; they loved learning our beginners' routine; and the champagne flowed generously. All in all, it was a wild success and we had a ball.

Yours, loving this stuff,

Burlicious x

12 Jan 2013

Private Dancers

Well, darlings, the Burlicious dance card is crammed full for the next couple of months.

We Burlicious three are dancing at a private party tonight - can't wait!

In February we take our troupe to perform at a French-themed evening in an intimate little hall. Practice of our six routines for that event started on Wednesday...and what entertaining chaos it was!

We're in discussion about possibly opening a variety show and we're going to be the entertainment for a burlesque evening at a local restaurant. Burlicious Towers is now full of stage measurements, choreography ideas and the hilarious challenge of trying to practice our routines in teeny spaces so we can fit into some of our smaller engagements!

We're thinking that there's an untapped market for midget burlesque. Any of you elf or pixie types who fancy getting involved, do send us a message by fieldmouse, or something, and we'll see what we can arrange for you!

Yours, over-excited about entertaining others,

Burlicious x




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