17 Jan 2013

Dancing upmarket

Last weekend's performance at a private party was not without challenges.

We were ready for the fact that the space was teeny.

We expected that the music quality might prove a challenge...and it certainly did.

We weren't ready for the added difficulty of dancing on good quality carpet and underlay - wow, what a far cry that was from the floors in our usual, less posh venues! When you're mere inches away from the punters, unexpected heel wobbles call for thigh muscles like steel, working at maximum tautness, just to keep yourself from tottering into their arms.

Still, they loved us; they loved learning our beginners' routine; and the champagne flowed generously. All in all, it was a wild success and we had a ball.

Yours, loving this stuff,

Burlicious x


  1. Hmmm, not sure that flowing champagne is conducive to not wobbling ...

  2. Fair comment :-) . On the other hand, it's a boon to flexibility!





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