25 Jul 2013

Sultry, steamy and messily sweaty

We had a Turkish bath of a class last night as we toiled for our art on a hot July evening. But, oh, the fun you can have by merely turning a routine back-to-front.

Having delighted the passengers on the top deck of the bus who could see a couple of us getting changed as the bus waited by the bus stop next to our window, we danced our routines to the stage; to the dartboard; to the bus stop; and, finally, to each other.

Watching opposing lines of showgirls strut triumphantly towards each other in perfect time is an absolute treat. Watching some of them then utterly lose the plot because they are facing a different direction for the first time as they turn around is just as delicious.

We have always said this: we love it when it goes well. We love it just as much when it goes wrong. As long as our beautiful troupe is having a laugh and enjoying what they're doing, we're chuffed. Thanks for a great end of term, ladies - see you soon!

Yours, back down the choreography pit to mine a new little gem ready for next term,

Burlicious x

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