31 Jul 2013

Afternoon delight

A practical post today, showgirls (I know - we'll wash our mouth out later).

We're delighted that we have so many Burlicious virgins joining us for our workshop this Saturday. So, here's what you need to know:

  • if you don't have a boa of your own to flirt about with, don't worry - we'll provide you with one for the afternoon
  • the same goes for a pair of evening gloves - we have plenty of spares
  • wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and able to move. Whatever you decide to wear - corset and undies; a cheeky little number all your very own design; or your usual exercise kit - is absolutely fine by us. The key thing is that it allows you to bend down, lean over, and generally strut about
  • trainers won't allow you to strut your gorgeous stuff. You need shoes with a heel, even a very small heel is fine. And you want to be sure that your shoes will stay on your feet, so don't choose mules or something that you'll walk out of or accidentally kick off as you get into your stride!
And that's it! We'll be there from 1.45pm to welcome you. Bring some water. Bring your gorgeous self. Bring your secret inner showgirl and we'll show you how to have a lot of fun with her!

Yours, ordering cupcakes as we speak,

Burlicious x

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