6 Jul 2013

Roll up, roll up...

Off last week for a quick recce of the night club in which we and our showgirls will be strutting our stuff at a Zumbathon next Saturday. Yes, we will be the half-time entertainment for a hot and happy horde of zumba babes who will be shaking their groove thangs for charity all afternoon.

We think we're in for a treat. The club has top notch sound (tested and approved by us); flashing disco lights; and a floor with no discernable holes in it - luxury!

All this and the opportunity to come staggering out afterwards from the velvet gloom of the club into the bright light of an afternoon, blinking like little moles in our corsets and heels.

Canterbury, we hope you're ready!

Yours,  readying the troupe for action,

Burlicious x


  1. But, what if they all decide that "the magic of the Zumba class" pales into insignificance compared to the magic of burlesque? They might all quit Zumba for burlesque.

    And then the Zumba folk will never invite you back!

    1. And then we might have blotted our copybook for ever for being such ungrateful guests! What a social faux pas!

      Actually, as zumba addicts ourselves, we're pretty confident about the enduring lure of zumba. We do get better outfits for our burlesque class, admittedly, but I think there's room in the "good workout/great fun" category for both us and zumba.





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