11 Apr 2019

Are you sitting comfortably?

The weather knows that it is not a Burlicious week. Almost as soon as we broke up for the Easter holiday it became more grey and dull. It must be because the midweek sparkle and frippery of a Burlicious class is missing.

We are nearing the end of our current routine. Having rolled around the floor doing The Full Midwife (as it is now known), we regain our feet, twist smoothly to the left, and launch into a second chair routine. For a chunk of this, the troupe is facing the back of the stage. This means that I have the treat of being behind them (at the front of the stage) and seeing what it all looks like.

Oooooh, but bits of this are lovely.

I know it sounds immodest, given I was one of the Burlicious Three who designed this thing, but it is hard to get across how amazing it looks to see our moves come to life, danced by multiple showgirls working in time with each other. What we thought would work suddenly exceeds our expectations and becomes a synchronicity of human beauty.

Of course, we will all have forgotten what we are doing by the time term restarts again. The level of individual interpretation will rocket and it will all get a bit more freestyle for a while!

Yours, looking forward to our next weekly shot of colour and laughs,

Burlicious x




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