25 May 2017

Blue rinse burlesque

The Sparkly Bra Pixie nipped into the loos last night to change into her showgirl finery as usual. Only, this time, she came out sporting a surprise accessory.

Whilst washing her hands, she pressed down enthusiastically on the pump of the Carex liquid soap bottle and managed to squirt bright blue gel all over the front of her drawers.

Oh, the harmless fun we then had inventing potential new names for the troupe, such as The Foaming Fanny Follies and other soap bubble-themed names.

This gentle source of amusement was only topped later in the class by one of our showgirls who, on the command "trot!", proceeded to gallop gamely across the floor as if she were on a particularly lively hobby horse. It was an equestrian triumph and we're thinking of entering her for a dressage event.

Somehow we also managed to get a bit of dancing done.

Looking forward to seeing you all frolicking in yer frillies after half-term, Showgirls!

Yours, frothing at the bit,

Burlicious x

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