8 Jun 2017

Practice makes perfect

Our current routine is long.

It's also the most intricate one that we have ever designed.

It's also instrumental, so there are no vocal hooks in it anywhere to help our showgirls to know what comes next.

And there are three different roles or parts - we're not all doing the same thing all the way through the routine.

It's our most challenging routine to date and it has taken us a number of weeks to teach it.

Last night we taught the end and then returned to the beginning. Now, it has been weeks since we last danced the beginning. Did our showgirls falter? Not a bit of it. It took no more than a couple of runs through to remind them how the first couple of minutes go, and then away they went in fine fettle.

So, showgirls, here's some feedback. It isn't just you. This genuinely IS a tricky routine! However, we can see that you're picking stuff up more quickly than you once did. And, once you've got something, you really have got it. The routine is looking superb.

And we love it when you humour us with moves like the glove spank - your little faces when we first demonstrate are a picture, and then you gamely give it your all. :-)

Here's to a cracking night next week dancing this tricky little beauty all the way through for the very first time. 

Yours, very very happy with how this is coming together,

Burlicious x

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