29 Jun 2017

Our pussycat has been well and truly pinked

Yes, our glorious, naughty, sensuous dance routine to The Del Reys' "Pink Pussycat" has finally come to an end. Entwined in their threesomes, our showgirls have made a lovely job of half-mooning; step-tapping; caressing; grinding; glove peeling; boa flourishing; and a bit of lightweight bondage.

It gladdens our corseted hearts to see a posse of showgirl bums all going smartly right then left like a pert, fleshy metronome, and then to see some fabulous "high-stepping pony" trots as the troupe swaps gloves with each other and hauls each other's boa-tied ankles apart and then shut.


So, you know what this means, you little beauties.

Yes, we'll start a fresh routine next Wednesday, 5th July. 

All you gorgeous gals who have been waiting patiently in the wings to return to class at the start of a new routine, now's your chance. We look forward to welcoming you back to our feathery nest of frivolity and frippery next week!

Yours, ready for the next dancing delight,

Burlicious x

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