15 Jun 2017

Spank and make up

There is such a thing as too much enthusiasm in a showgirl sometimes.

One of the last moves in our current routine has a showgirl, her rear to the audience and flanked either side by a sister in sequins, lean over veeeery slowly away from the audience with a flat back, presenting a view of legs and buttocks (all properly clad, you understand) to the audience.

Her stern taskmistresses on either side then deliver a playful spank with an evening glove to her buttocks.

I say "playful". Sometimes around the room we hear a positive whip crack of a belting land on the bent-over showgirl, accompanied by a little squeak of surprise.

When we're drilling the troupe for a performance, we often say to them: "make a meal of this move. Make it bigger. Make sure the audience can see what you're doing." In this instance, we might need to adjust that to something more like: "do remember that she needs to be able to walk away afterwards, eh? And don't leave flesh wounds."

Yours, dancing with a group of bee-yoo-tiful bruisers,

Burlicious x

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