11 May 2020

Still in the wings....

Zips that succumb slyly to gravity and undo themselves without warning.

Gloves that cling gamely to the hand and that laugh at our attempts to slide them off elegantly and with seductive promise.

Knickers that ride up.

Tights that slither down.

Heels that get caught in the lace of the other shoe (oh yes, it can be done).

Bruised knees from kneeling on unpadded chairs. 

The sheer devilment and disobedience of the average boa


Ah, how we miss them all. 

But most of all, showgirls, we miss the inappropriate jokes with you all; the belly laughs; the missteps; the frowns of concentration; and the sheer bloody wonder of seeing a routine come together with you all moving as one beautiful river of female flesh.

Our time together will come again. Until then, take care, be sensible, look after yourselves and others, and shine those sequins for a rapturous return.

Yours, itching to dance,

Burlicious x




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