29 Sept 2016

Unintentional bondage

  1. Have the showgirls sit on the floor.
  2. Loop boa around bottom of right shoe, securing it between ball of foot and heel.
  3. Hold both ends of boa near foot in right hand.
  4. Lean back onto left elbow as raise right leg straight up in air, tethered pleasingly by boa still around right shoe and held firmly in right hand.
  5. Let boa flow sensuously through right hand as lower right leg to floor, turning onto belly as the leg goes down.

5. Start to lower the leg, then realise that boa is inextricably tangled around shoe. Thrash about kicking and wriggling for a bit. Roll half onto belly, still waving right leg hopelessly. Collapse in giggles.

Both versions work. One is prettier than the other. One is a lot more fun than the other. Each has something rather special to say for itself.

Sometimes, the slick, perfect move is vastly over-rated. :-)

Yours, outsmarted by feathers,

Burlicious x

22 Sept 2016

Up close and personal

We performed on Saturday night at a big birthday bash for one of our glamorous showgirls. An afternoon of rain dashed our hopes of dancing on the outdoor decking, so we danced in her lounge instead.

It was a trifle snug for the three of us, it must be said. Old hands at this game, we set ourselves up to dance facing in three different directions, in the hope of minimising the opportunity for flesh wounds and collateral damage as three showgirl legs are kicked up and out at once or as three arms extend out smartly to the same side.

As strategies go, it wasn't entirely successful, as the Voluptuous Jules can attest having been hat-swatted by both me and the Sparkly Bra Pixie during one routine.

Initially a trifle perplexed, our audience soon warmed to us. A couple of chaps on the sofa, just inches away from the Voluptuous Jules as she leaned over, were excitedly encouraging each other to take photos. "That'll be a full-on cleavage shot, then," thought Jules as she did her showgirl thang.

Ah well, they may not recognise us by our face if they stand next to us at a bus stop, but they'll definitely have something to remember us by.

Having plied us with fish and chips; entertained us with a band and a DJ; and kept the drink flowing, our hostess then showered us with "thank you" flowers at class last night. As backstage Johnnies or patrons of the arts go, she's a class act.

Yours, filling up the viewfinder,

Burlicious x

15 Sept 2016

Measuring his assets

For our current, cabaret-style, delicious cupcake of a routine, we're topped off nicely by bowler hats. As a prop, they're crisp, sexy and suggestive and give us happy delusions of Liza Minnelli glamour.

To the wonderful line in our soundtrack: "he can be SOMEthing...", we have our showgirls stand side on to the audience, hat over the groin, and then doing a sharp, two-handed, push of the hat away from the body and back again. It's as if, well, you know, as if the hat were being thrust straight out by something, er, growing and expanding under it.

A couple of our showgirls were optimistically pushing our their hat as far as their outstretched arms would go. "Hmm," says the Sparkly Bra Pixie thoughtfully, "if that's your man, you're a very lucky girl."

Cue much laughter and a Victorian governess-type flutter of hats fanning hot pink faces.

We do love to bring a bit of harmless sauce to our Wednesday dance class.

Yours, up to our hat in double entendre,

iois x

10 Sept 2016

You shall go to the ball

Like Cinderella's petite little foot slipping into the glass slipper, we slipped smoothly back into our weekly Wednesday routine of Burlicious deliciousness this week.

Well, not quite as smoothly as Cinders trying on footwear, we must admit. There were a few bits of tussling and wrestling to be done with corsets that had become mysteriously smaller over the summer. However, as a reward for our struggles, we had the accustomed start of term treat of brand new showgirls (we love you for coming along, you little beauties), showgirl returners, and our lovely regulars, all joining us for the launch of a brand new routine.

As always, it's amazing to see what you girls can do in an hour. We loved seeing you do the classy, Bob Fosse-style intro. Those hats have definitely got a smoky Cabaret/All That Jazz nightclub chic to them.

Next week, we'll add a bit of sauce to that starter.

Now, repeat after me - da da da da da boooooo. Da da da da da bip bip bip bibbip.....

Yours, back to work and loving it,

Burlicious x

2 Sept 2016

Come play with us!

Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah - class begins again on Weds 7th September. 

We have new props, a brand new routine, some new showgirls to join us, and a sparkly, September spring in our step. Who would want to miss that?!

In fact, by next week we may even have learned the gorgeous new routine that we have been crafting for your delectation. :-)  And if we haven't, it'll be just as entertaining!

So, whether you're one of our experienced showgirls; a new lovely coming for the first time; or someone who is wondering whether now is the time to come back to our spangled fold... block out Weds 7th at 8pm and come and have a hoot of a time with us!

Yours, doing these bloomin' steps in our sleep,

Burlicious x




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