10 Sept 2016

You shall go to the ball

Like Cinderella's petite little foot slipping into the glass slipper, we slipped smoothly back into our weekly Wednesday routine of Burlicious deliciousness this week.

Well, not quite as smoothly as Cinders trying on footwear, we must admit. There were a few bits of tussling and wrestling to be done with corsets that had become mysteriously smaller over the summer. However, as a reward for our struggles, we had the accustomed start of term treat of brand new showgirls (we love you for coming along, you little beauties), showgirl returners, and our lovely regulars, all joining us for the launch of a brand new routine.

As always, it's amazing to see what you girls can do in an hour. We loved seeing you do the classy, Bob Fosse-style intro. Those hats have definitely got a smoky Cabaret/All That Jazz nightclub chic to them.

Next week, we'll add a bit of sauce to that starter.

Now, repeat after me - da da da da da boooooo. Da da da da da bip bip bip bibbip.....

Yours, back to work and loving it,

Burlicious x

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