2 Sept 2016

Come play with us!

Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah - class begins again on Weds 7th September. 

We have new props, a brand new routine, some new showgirls to join us, and a sparkly, September spring in our step. Who would want to miss that?!

In fact, by next week we may even have learned the gorgeous new routine that we have been crafting for your delectation. :-)  And if we haven't, it'll be just as entertaining!

So, whether you're one of our experienced showgirls; a new lovely coming for the first time; or someone who is wondering whether now is the time to come back to our spangled fold... block out Weds 7th at 8pm and come and have a hoot of a time with us!

Yours, doing these bloomin' steps in our sleep,

Burlicious x

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