26 Aug 2016

Meltingly good

We started designing our latest routine in March. It was a lot cooler then.

We're adding the final touches to it now. In August. It's hot. Very hot. We're regretting just a tad the March choice of feather boa, gloves and other props.

Yesterday, on a steamy, breathless, sultry summer's day, we sweated and slithered and shone as we rehearsed the routine for the September term. With feathers stuck to neck, gloves refusing to peel off, fringe melted to forehead, and clothes positively drenched, we soldiered on heroically.

Even in this hothouse, there was fun to be had. The floor routine with little kicky mermaid legs is a positive delight when you roll onto your belly to see one of your partners in sequins thrashing her feet madly about two inches from your nose, clearly confused as to which leg she should be kicking when.

Ah, showgirls, you have a treat coming when we launch this number in September. Get ready for new props and a slick, witty, smile of a routine... if we say so ourselves.

See you on 7th September!

Yours, designing for deliciousness,

Burlicious x

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