5 Aug 2016

Therapy for the body and soul

We’ve just been allowed out to play with a lovely networking group for therapists*. We were invited to talk to yesterday's monthly meeting - twelve men and women, all with different therapy and healing skills and qualifications – about Burlicious, what we do, why we do it, and why it’s such a miracle of a tonic and a boost.

What a nice morning! A bit of introductory chat and then into the larger room for a demo, followed by the all-important chance to try the Burlicious treatment for themselves. As the dulcet tones of Lady Marmalade slammed through the peace and quiet of this country house retreat, our therapists were soon up and shaking their groove thang with the best of them.

Perked, as usual, by the experience of seeing people dance and laugh and dance and laugh, we then packed up our medicine chest and headed back to Burlicious Towers for an afternoon of choreography.

We slave for you, showgirls, we really do! J

Yours, enjoying spreading cheer and daftness,

Burlicious x

* You can find them at the Kent Therapists' Network - https://www.facebook.com/lbishopp/

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