15 Sept 2016

Measuring his assets

For our current, cabaret-style, delicious cupcake of a routine, we're topped off nicely by bowler hats. As a prop, they're crisp, sexy and suggestive and give us happy delusions of Liza Minnelli glamour.

To the wonderful line in our soundtrack: "he can be SOMEthing...", we have our showgirls stand side on to the audience, hat over the groin, and then doing a sharp, two-handed, push of the hat away from the body and back again. It's as if, well, you know, as if the hat were being thrust straight out by something, er, growing and expanding under it.

A couple of our showgirls were optimistically pushing our their hat as far as their outstretched arms would go. "Hmm," says the Sparkly Bra Pixie thoughtfully, "if that's your man, you're a very lucky girl."

Cue much laughter and a Victorian governess-type flutter of hats fanning hot pink faces.

We do love to bring a bit of harmless sauce to our Wednesday dance class.

Yours, up to our hat in double entendre,

iois x

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