18 May 2017

Hot and bothered... but still delicious

We're teaching the fabulous part in our routine where one showgirl in every three is on her back on the floor, legs straight up, and being tied up by the ankles with the boas of the other two. With great drama, the standing showgirls then make a meal of dragging apart the legs of the tethered showgirl.

In all modesty, it's a genius bit of choreography.

But it also means that one showgirl in every trio has to get down on the floor and then back up again gracefully. Again. And again. And again as we practise getting the steps right.

There's so much going on with the other two showgirls in the trio as they trot about, tying then releasing the legs, and deftly swapping boas as they do so, that the prone showgirl can become a bit, well a bit distracted. This results in showgirls just remaining flat out on the floor then popping up out of sequence in a bit of a hurry as and when they remember what they should be doing. 

To be fair, it was a rather humid night last night and it was quite cooling for us prone showgirls to stretch out on the cold floor for a bit and watch the others do their thing. Of course the payback for that little treat comes in the requirement to stand up fluidly, gracefully and swiftly, rather than looking as if one is resurfacing after an unfortunate tumble off one's heels and into the gutter.

This bit will be gorgeous by next week, you mark our words. :-)

Yours, loving the glamour,

Burlicious x

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