27 Apr 2017

Pink Pussycat

This fabulous, blowsy, raunchy instrumental number by The Del Reys is our current theme tune. Last night, we got the troupe to the stage where an evening glove, concealed in one hand at the cleavage, is pulled out of the hand in a series of magician-like teeny spurts, before fountaining up and out of the hand and onto the floor in, er, well, in a climax.


Demonstrating the move, the Voluptuous Jules (who wants to be a cat and who real cats treat as if she were part of their feline family) likens the small forward convulsions that accompany this four-part glove reveal to the preparatory stages of a cat coughing up a hairball.

"Hmm," says the Sparkly Bra Pixie thoughtfully, "probably not the kind of pussy that the audience has in mind."

Yours, with the tone so low that it's skimming our stilettos,

Burlicious x

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