18 Jul 2013

Rule 1: Never outnumber your audience

This rule has to be up there with "If you're a guest, you must never eat the last biscuit on the plate," Actually, I never understood that one, I must say. Knowing that someone has to eat it, I couldn't see why it shouldn't be me.

Anyway, I digress.

Our guest appearance at the Zumbathon on a sweltering Saturday afternoon was... interesting. Our troupe numbered nine. The audience numbered fourteen punters, plus assorted lovely organisers, zumba instructors and bar staff. We came very, very close to that perilous situation where there were more of us than there were of them. It transpires that the possibility of zumba-ing for hours for charity couldn't compete on the day with the siren call of sunshine on the beach on the hottest day of the year.

On the upside, we had one entire of the floor of the club to ourselves as a dressing room - this was way more glamorous than our normal crowded ladies'/gents' loo. Also, dancing our routines to music coming from a proper "lift you off your feet" sound system was brilliant, as was the gorgeous nightclub lighting. So, we went away sweaty and happy, even if there were very few people there with whom we could share our delight.

Next time, we'll bus them in from old peoples' homes!

Yours, thinking we need a nightclub of our own,

Burlicious x

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