12 Feb 2015

Hot to trot

Last night was our final rehearsal for the Valentine's Night show that we're dancing in. As a change of role, we Burlicious three installed ourselves as the audience, whooping, catcalling and generally behaving as if we had been propping up the bar for far too long. It was all very enjoyable.

Our showgirls trotted, shimmied and quickied regardless, wreathed in smiles and looking fabulous. Gloves were flung; boas were fluffed; and bazooms were jiggled gorgeously. They looked amazing.

Today, clad as I was in my huge shapeless cardigan and my spotty slippers, was less glamorous as I played Mrs Mop, rinsing out my corsets; mending my evening gloves; and gathering up necessary accessories for the night.

I do love the juxtaposition between the different parts of my life!

Showgirls - what can we say? You're ready. Now go out there and enjoy yourselves!

And for those of you who want to come back to class or who want to join us for the first time, remember that there's no class next week. Gorgeousness returns on Weds 25th Feb, and we'll start with a demure little number, teaching it from scratch.

Yours, impatient to tread those boards,

Burlicious x

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