2 Oct 2014

Oooooh, Matron!

Treat after treat last night:

  • A glamour of our core showgirls who have been with us for ages, dancing week after dancing week 
  • A nostalgia of former showgirls, who have been absent for a little while but who came back to the mother ship last night
  • An excitement of brand new showgirls along for their very first class, who left us telling the world that they want to do this stuff professionally.

Along with this, my lovelies, we had the creation of new terms of art. Explaining how to do the "flip the feather tail over the bum" move, I suggested that what we were looking for was just the right amount of "clumpy fluff". Ah, what a phrase to conjure with, although I do accept that it sounds like something you might take shamefacedly to a doctor for examination.

Showgirls, you were fabulous. We love the laughs, the missteps and the beauty of seeing it work. We love the warmth, the chatter and the clothes swapping. Most of all, we love the fact that you come out to play with us. You're what it's all about!

Yours, airing our clumpy fluff in the garden,

Burlicious x

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