9 Oct 2014

Indelicate instructions for a filthy night

It may have been dark and rainy outside last night, but our troupe was toasty warm inside as we tackled the middle phase of our routine.

There's a glorious juxtaposition with this little number. The lyrics tempt me to trill in a Miss Jean Brodie, upmarket governess sort of way, e-nun-ci-ating every word clearly and plummily.

The actions....? Less so.

A deliciously bawdy, comic and slapstick "jiggle yer tits" move, has me grinning every time we do it. I do hope that the regular shouted instruction of: "TITS!" is keeping those in the bus queue outside entertained. Who knows, we may be responsible for revenues on that particular bus route peaking every Wednesday night?

Maybe it's time we approached the bus company for our share of the profits?

Yours, sharing our sophisticated delights with the world,

Burlicious x

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