18 Dec 2014

Too gorgeous to be let loose

We are often asked how we create our dance routines. It's a challenge to give an accurate answer. Nothing captures the sheer hilarity that is the three of us in choreography action at Burlicious Towers.

Squeezed into the kitchen, we listen to fragments of our chosen track over and over as we test out possible moves for each beat. We're merciless critics of ourselves and each other. Moves are dreamt up, demonstrated, and shot down in flames without mercy.

We mess up steps. We forget steps. We work in a narrow space, narrowly missing (usually) the worktop, fridge and breakfast bar as we move around.

We spend quite a lot of time just standing around looking at each other blankly, with not an idea between us.

We test drive different props - sometimes to catastrophic effect.

Above all, we laugh until our sides hurt. It's all tremendously therapeutic, bonding, energising, hilarious stuff. And completely and totally lacking in glamour.

This is well-illustrated by this week's photo. Apologies for the quality - it's a still from the video we make of each routine as it develops. Enjoy this one as a sneak preview of the butterfly that will emerge from this unprepossessing be-slippered chrysalis, sometime early next year!

Yours, living, breathing, glamour icons,

Burlicious x

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