11 Dec 2014

An audience with Burlicious

Our Burlicious beauties are multi-talented and include a gorgeous chanteuse. Last night she brought to class the producers of the Valentine’s Night show we hope to appear in next year.

Now, we’re very clear about the role that public performances play in the Burlicious repertoire. Our classes are a chance for women to have a laugh, build body confidence, and remember that they are sexy women as well as busy employees, mothers and partners. Appearing in a show is always voluntary. We never put on stage a woman who isn't ready to dance that routine well. We want our showgirls to come off stage chuffed to bits with what they have achieved, not feeling that they made a mess of it.

It was all the more unusual and entertaining, then, to have these two guys with us last night at class for a peek behind the scenes.

Not having rehearsed recently the routines that we showed them, we weren't exactly show ready. And we accept that it does detract a little from the magic of the performance to heft one’s knickers back up at the end of the routine like some road builder. However, it’s great to see what our showgirls can pull out of a hat at short notice. And we think it gave the guys a good introduction to the warm, funny, ramshackle way in which we run our class.

Come January, showgirls, we shall be whipping you into polished synchrony with a flick of a boa and the stamp of a sparkly shoe so that you can take to the stage with aplomb.

I feel a sort of headmistress-cum-dominatrix outfit coming on.

Yours, excited at the chance to show you all off,

Burlicious x

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