29 Nov 2014

Valentine's night delight

Be still, your beating heart - our Burlicious beauties have been invited to perform a couple of numbers in a Valentine's Eve show. Oh how we love having the chance to show them off in all their glory! And us too, it must be said.

So, showgirls, settle back on your slingbacks, and give some thought as to whether you would like to be part of a delicious Burlicious performing troupe next February 14th. And remember, it's absolutely fine to say "no". We know that not everyone likes tripping the light fantastic in her undies in public. :-)

If you do fancy strutting your gorgeous stuff with us and some other acts, let us know when you next come to class and we'll start the planning phase. As an incentive, we have to tell you that every showgirl who has danced with us in public has come offstage at the end of the routine positively a-buzz with delight and excitement.

It's amazing what an appreciative audience can do for the confidence!

Yours, plotting and scheming as we speak,

Burlicious x

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