23 Nov 2014

In all seriousness

Another new showgirl joined us this week. At the end of the class, I asked her what she thought. "I loved it," she said. "Everyone's so different and they all look gorgeous."


This is the very foundation stone of the Burlicious philosophy. It's the inner heart of why we do what we do. Our showgirls range from tall to short; from big to little; from willowy to generously curvy. We have blonds, brunettes and redheads. Over our last five years at this, we've spanned an age range from teenagers to women in their 60s (and older at hen party events!). Some of our beauties are extravert and full of it; others are quiet and self-contained. They turn up in the spindliest of stilettos to the most practical of boots; in barely-there outfits to cover-all exercise kit.

And then they dance.

Not only do they look fabulous together in all their infinite variety, but each one of them is a thing of beauty in her own right. 

Watching them, you can see immediately what nonsense we are being fed about what beauty is, and how ridiculous the idea is that there is only one way to look. In our own small way, we're proud to bring a more rich and varied picture of female beauty to the fore.

Shimmy on, showgirls - you're gorgeous!

Yours, musing on the amazingness of individuality,

Burlicious x


  1. Bravo - you've hit the nail on the head.
    The reason we are so comfortable learning new routines and sharing our love of gorgeous shoes/corset and anything generally sparkly and glam is that none of us feel judged.
    We are all individual and beautiful in our own way.
    Its a pleasure to have such a laugh and dance with some incredible like minded women.

    1. We cannot tell you how chuffed that comment makes us! Mwah!





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