8 Nov 2014

Rearguard action

There was a distinct nip in the air last night as we launched our class. This was swiftly put right by writhing against the radiators during our warm up routine. Most satisfactory.

Rears aglow, we kept the temperature up for the rest of the class by repeatedly dancing our latest mistresspiece, "When you're good to Mama".  It's an absolute bloomin' joy to be able to stand back and watch our gorgeous troupe dance the routine by themselves. Honestly, there is little to beat a perfectly-timed ten bum salute or the vision of synchronised rows of cheekily executed boa tail flips.

Our work here is done and back down the choreography mine we must go to chip away at another little gem. We've chosen the music for our next number and are already planning future moves. I can't see how we'll ever tire of doing this!

Yours, pondering high-stepping delights to come,

Burlicious x

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