16 Jul 2015

Dreamy deliciousness

We entertained ourselves last night with a new (old) routine to take us through the last two weeks of term. It's a langorous, sinuous number - a neat, subtle and contained little thing. Of course, it does start off on the floor with that well-known dance move, the Upended Beetle.

Hmm. Well, initially that was how it looked last night. As I took to the stage to demonstrate, all I could see was a sea of unconvinced showgirl faces and the air was positively teeming with "are you serious?!" thought bubbles.

But, as always, our troupe conquered it and soon we had wave upon wave of legs going in then up then in then up in sultry synchronised rhythm to the shouted instructions of me and the Sparkly Bra Pixie in our Sergeant Major harmonious duet.

We do love it when a plan comes together.

And, as one of our beauties later announced: "who would have thought that you could dance like that to David Essex?"

Do pop round, David. We're sure that you would be chuffed to see what we have done with your work.

Yours, Rocking On,

Burlicious x

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