3 Jul 2015

Meltingly gorgeous

A blazing June Saturday afternoon provided a fitting backdrop to our most recent Burlicious half-day workshop. Thankfully, we chose a dreamy, quietly sensuous routine for the occasion, rather than one of our more strutting, fast-moving ones. Even so, we were definitely glowing after three hours' showgirlery!

Our weekend workshops are a great opportunity for women who can't get to our regular weekday class to have a taste of the Burlicious experience. We love having new women join us and seeing them go from slightly apprehensive to giving it their all in just three hours.

There's always time for a giggle. From the upended, leg-waving beetle effect at the beginning of this particular routine; through the inevitable: "which left? My left?" or women scampering about in different directions whilst trying to master a bit of step tap; to the "aaargh!" with petulant stamping brought on when feet just don't go in the direction that the brain communicates; there are always plenty of opportunities for cock ups and calamities.

And then, at the end, it all suddenly comes together and the troupe moves as one, looking just, well, just quite simply beautiful.

It wasn't just the chocolate cake that oozed deliciously in the heat, showgirls, nor was it just the fizz that sparkled - you were all bloomin' lovely.

Yours, impatient to do it all again,

Burlicious x

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