12 Dec 2013

Disciplinarian burlesque

Last night was our penultimate class before the Variety Show and therefore time to put our sassy showgirls through their paces before we go to the dress rehearsal.

Tempting though it was to dress for the part in a severe schoolmistress gown, black lisle stockings and intimidating half-moon glasses, we settled instead for our normal burlesque attire and the threat of detention. Well, apart from the Sparkly Bra Pixie who came dressed as Santa's sexy helper, complete with daft little hat and stripey socks. Perhaps it's not that surprising that the Police pull her over as she drives home after class?

Anyway, I know you're all asking yourself:  "how did those lovely showgirls respond to being lashed into shape?" The answer is "with aplomb".

Honestly, showgirls, this routine has come on in leaps and bounds in a very short time. Now all you need to do is remember to keep your back straight and your smile big. On the night, you won't have we Burlicious three in the audience intermittently shouting: "t*ts" and "teeth" at you as a helpful reminder. We think that might be frowned on.

Yours, gathering our gorgeousness for the dress rehearsal,

Burlicious x

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