11 Nov 2009

Music to strut your stuff by

So, you're all glammed up and ready to go...what music do you choose? It's both harder and easier to find good tracks to dance burlesque to than you might think. What makes it easier is that lots of different styles of music work - smoky jazz from basement clubs; slinky ballads by suggestive songstresses; dicso hits from our misspent youth; and raunchy tracks by powerful female singers.

What makes it harder is that the beat really matters. We've found that you need a slightly slower beat than you might imagine if you don't want to be scuttling around the floor in your heels looking like you're trying to catch up. You need a beat that lets you accentuate your hip movements and take pplleeeeenty of time to draw attention to your body.

So, what are we using? Well, we started off with a version of Big Spender - good strong beats and lots of lazy bits (think of that long drawn out "spend a little time with me"). Then we went onto something darker and more dramatic - the tango version of Roxanne from Moulin Rouge. This son'g subject material is spot on and it gives us the chance to spice things up with a few tango-style moves. Next, we're onto Big Bad Handsome Man which is more flirty and flippy. All the tracks we're using are on "Hear Burlicious" under the "I want to go shopping!" heading to the left.

Next term....ah well, who knows?! We've almost completed the design of a dance to Lady Marmalade, and we have a couple of other likely front runners to test drive. Watch this space!

Yours, in looooong black gloves,

Burlicious x

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