1 Nov 2009

What do we mean by burlesque?

Whenever one of us says to someone "I run a burlesque dance class" we know we need to follow up immediately by saying "...but it's not what you think. We don't strip. The most we ever take off is a boa and some gloves." It's clear that, for most people, burlesque means doing a striptease to music, all the way down to a couple of nipple tassels and a thong. That's not what we do. However, if you take a trip around youtube looking for burlesque clips, that's what you'll see most frequently.

Other people understand burlesque to be like old fashioned music hall - a series of variety acts like singers, comedians, maybe a contortionist, and including at least one glamour piece in which a woman removes her clothes.

Both these definitions are right...but they don't describe what we do.

Our burlesque class is more about dancing than stripping. We teach dance routines that use some fabulous, sexy moves and that might lead up to peeling off our gloves and boa. To get into the mood, the gorgeous women that come along to our class dress up in whatever makes them feel good - fishnets and heels; basques and corsets; little sequin shorts; cheeky little skirts and dresses. Every one of them finds her own style and outfit. It's an opportunity to wear the kind of "look at me" outfit that some of us haven't worn for decades and to dance some glamorous and seductive routines. What more could a girl want?!

Yours, in feathers,

Burlicious xx

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