4 Jan 2010

New Year, new routine

At last, the new term of dance classes is about to begin! Like Santa's secret sexy helpers we've been hard at work over the Christmas break designing a new burlesque routine for our bevy of Burlicious beauties. Back to school we go with Herb Alpert's "Love Potion" as the sound track for our new dance. Of all the routines we learnt when we were attending burlesque classes as punters rather than as teachers, this is the only one we're using in a form that is anything like the original. The track is made for sashaying in a sassy way around the dance floor. We've tightened the routine up in places, nipped and tucked it in others, and it's good to go.

Whilst it's hard work creating burlesque routines and polishing them until they sparkle, I must say that it's one of the most fun things that you can do with (most of) your clothes on. You would not believe the number of different ways in which three perfectly capable women can b*gger up a routine that they have designed and danced. Stepping on your own boa; coming to a complete halt with no idea what the next step might be; peeling off a glove and then accidentally slapping the next woman along with it...it's all part of an average rehearsal and leads time and again to helpless laughter and collapse of all concerned. Oddly, they never showed these bits in "Moulin Rouge" or "All That Jazz"!

Yours, lacing up the basque,

Bulicious xx

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