14 Nov 2013

Mr Banks would have been proud

Last night's class was fabulous - fifteen showgirls; fifteen pink Disney cartoon character brollies; a whole lot of arm waving in an enclosed space; and no visit to A&E. That nice Mr Banks of Mary Poppins fame would have been proud of us and our brolly management skills.

Our brollies are not, I grant you, quite the smartly furled black number that he stepped out briskly with every morning as he went to work. On the other hand, he never quite mastered the art of popping the brolly open through his legs or whizzing it open as he flung it casually over a shoulder. I think we trump him there.

Of course, there were a few mishaps - catching the brolly spokes in the bottom of a corset; bending the poor little things noticeably out of shape (showgirls are surprisingly strong); and the odd nip in the bum caused by a failure to close the brolly BEFORE bringing it back through the legs. However, all in all, it went like a dream. And, oh, the joyous sound of all those brollies opening crisply at once. We've said it before, but it really is like hearing and seeing a flock of pink flamingos take off at once. Magical.

Yours, on our way to the brolly mending shop,

Burlicious x

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