24 Oct 2013

Out-popping Mary Poppins

Hah! Those tricks and twizzles with her brolly that Mary Poppins uses are so old hat! Last night we relaunched an old routine with a new (safer) prop. Having cleared the online outdoor accessories warehouse out of children's umbrellas, off we trotted, spit spot, to class, clutching our bounty and full of expectation.

Our showgirls didn't let us down. They "hurred" on their brolly beguilingly; they polished the tip saucily; and they popped the brollies open through their legs right on time to the musical cue. I have to tell you, the sound of fifteen or so brollies opening smartly at once, then shutting, is like a flock of birds taking off - all very exotic and magical.

For our next trick it'll be the side slide; the palm smack; and the over-the-shoulder "whoosh" the brolly open - it's all just too much fun!

Enjoy half term, showgirls - we look forward to seeing you soon.

Yours, propped to the max,

Burlicious x

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