10 Oct 2013

Positively delicious

Four new showgirls joined us last night to shimmy their loveliness to a bit of Big, Bad, Handsome Man - what a delight!

We love the easy mix of seasoned showgirls and new starters that we get in a typical class. It's the best demonstration possible of what we're all about:

  • providing a space where women can come along and be gloriously female for an hour
  • being with a nice bunch of women and having a laugh
  • having a chance to dress up and to dance some delectable routines
  • each and every woman there becoming more confident over time that she is sexy and gorgeous in her own individual way.
We salute you, you gorgeous long-term Burlicious lovelies and you fresh and excited new joiners. Thank you for coming to play with us - you make our classes an absolute bloomin' treat to run!

Yours, happy in our work,

Burlicious x

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