3 Oct 2013

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Off to class last night nursing a dull headache and feeling considerably peaky. Returned ninety minutes later feeling quite perky and full of the joys of feathers, fripperies and fancy footwork. I tell you something: this showgirl therapy works!

Last night featured one of our favourite routines - the first little gem that we designed from scratch four-and-a-half years ago. Not only is it a bouncy, sassy, "grin from ear to ear" piece of music, but it has the added pleasure of a little bit of synchronised boa twirling.

Getting this right requires a reasonable amount of coordination. Getting it wrong is much easier and results in a complete b*gger's muddle of showgirls bobbing up and down at completely different times and boas twitching about all over the shop like those little fluffy snakes on invisible thread that we used to play with as kids - delightful... but not quite the sleek cabaret look we were after. We love the gentle chaos that breaks out whenever we first introduce this routine and we also love how quickly our showgirls then master it.

Until next week, showgirls... one, two, three, four, bob, UP!

Yours, floating on feathers,

Burlicious x

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