17 Oct 2013

Oooh, our showgirls are rock 'ard

Bucketloads of hilarity and showgirl grit last night.

First, the Sparkly Bra Pixie forgot her dancing gear and so put together an outfit at top speed in the local discount clothes store. Sadly, she failed to spot the label on her new orange and black stripey tights which provided the crucial information that the tights are designed for children who are 6 to 8 years old.

They were, it has to be said, a tad short in the leg.

Undaunted, she sawed off the feet with the only implement that I could find on site - a blunt bread knife - and wore them triumphantly as very, very short leggings. Brilliant.

In addition, we finished Big Bad Handsome Man last night. Now, this routine was designed when we had a beautiful, smooth floor on which to dance. It ends with a slow, stealthy, sinuous crawl across the floor and culminates in a sensuous slither onto the belly.

Of course, this works rather less well on a "several not very careful owners" type of floor full of holes, splinters and other hazards. Despite this, our showgirls tackled it uncomplainingly and eighteen of us advanced across the floor like a platoon of commandos in our satins and sequins, avoiding the various womantraps as best we could - hilarious!

Showgirls - thank you for being so accommodating. You bring a tremendous amount of good-natured laughter and smiles to what we do!

Yours, bruised to bits,

Burlicious x

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