10 Feb 2013

We'll give you some oooh la la.....

Off with some of our beautiful troupe last night to the Kent village of Grafty Green, as the evening's entertainment in a French-themed dinner for about 90 people. What a fabulous audience - warm, welcoming and generous with their applause and thanks.

And the showgirls? Ah, the showgirls were divine.

Gyrating in amongst the dinner guests, they did us proud. Corseted, be-sparkled, be-feathered and lashed to the nines (er, that's eye lashes we're talking about here, people. We're not that harsh as troupe mistresses!), they carried on, gorgeous and confident, even when the music had a few little hiccups and went completely silent.

In the nicest possible way, ladies, you danced like real pros!

All this, and a brand new dance routine for class next week.

Yours, resting on our laurels,

Burlicious x

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